• After the Floods

    Last week two major water mains burst in Hammersmith, the first in King Street on Friday 26 January and the second in Goldhawk Road on Wednesday 31 January – both late at night.

  • When the facts change, you change your mind - unless you are Jeremy Hunt

    For most of the last five years the management of our local hospitals have operated a bunker mentality.  First allowing the then Conservative council to spend taxpayers’ money pretending the demolition of Charing Cross would be good thing for our health, then just staying schtum.

  • Last chance to object to division of Hammersmith from Shepherds Bush

    I've had a lot of queries and concerns from Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush residents after my brief reference in the last eNews to the proposal to divide this constituency at the Goldhawk Road, with the areas north and south going into different Parliamentary seats.

  • Possible reprieve for Charing Cross

    ‘Only’ five and a half years after the announcement that Charing Cross Hospital would be demolished as part of a huge reorganisation of the nine hospitals in NW London, the plans have begun to unravel.

    An article in the Health Service Journal revealed the contents of a secret report putting on hold the funding for the first part of the downsizing scheme because it looked unworkable.

  • Brexit for breakfast, and lunch and dinner

    While writing this, news came in of the bomb attack on a crowded tube at Parsons Green station.  As someone who travelled through there at rush-hour for more than 20 years I know just how crowded it gets.

    It looks as though there are no life-threatening injuries, but the experience for anyone caught up in it must have been terrifying.  It is a further reminder, if one were needed, of the constant risk we face just travelling around the city.

  • Grenfell, Brexit and reflections on elections

    Firstly, I want to say a very big thank you to everyone who voted for me in June’s General Election. It was the strangest of the nine General Elections I have worked in.  When the campaign started the polls said it was touch and go whether we would hold the seat and in the end we won almost two thirds of the vote.

  • Democracy Unites Us - In Robust Debate

    This has been an extraordinary election campaign. Called by a Prime Minister who promised she would govern until 2020. Supposed to be only about Brexit but actually about everything from the NHS to the Dementia Tax. And disrupted by two heinous acts of terror targeted at young children in Manchester and Londoners enjoying a Saturday night out.

    This was going to be a non-event election. The cynicism of calling a vote just to help your Party increase its hold on power was turning people even further away from politics.

    Now I hope everyone will vote - even if it is not for me! - to demonstrate we decide things by voicing our views not by violence. And that terrorism cannot disrupt the way we choose who governs.

  • 12 days to save Charing Cross Hospital

    As we enter the last full week before the election, the campaign is in full swing. I hope to be speaking to as many people as possible over the next 12 days about the issues that matter here: ensuring a future for our NHS, avoiding a Hard Brexit and the Conservatives' threat to impose a Dementia Tax and cut pensioners' incomes.

  • Sadiq launches Hammersmith campaign

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan joined me and several hundred local residents to launch the Election campaign in Hammersmith this weekend.

  • Labour promise to stop hospital closures

    Labour promise to stop hospital closures

    Wednesday's announcement by Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, to immediately halt the Conservatives’ programme of A&E and hospital bed closures, is excellent news, especially for us in Hammersmith & Fulham. 

    For five years Charing Cross has been under threat of demolition. These plans, which have been delayed but have not changed, would mean the loss of over 300 beds, the A&E and all consultant emergency services from the site.

    This is the number one issue for residents – and for me. I am delighted to have confirmation that a Labour Government will on day one cancel these insane plans. If however, the Conservatives are re-elected, the battle to save Charing Cross will continue. 

    And Hammersmith will need an independent-minded, campaigning MP – not another Tory who puts their Party and career before our interests.

    It is a straightforward choice between the Conservatives and me this time – no other Party got more than 5% of the vote in Hammersmith in 2015.

    So if you can, give me your support by donating to my campaign or let me know the issues that matter most to you

    Schools will be protected

    In another pre-manifesto announcement, Labour has pledged to reverse the cuts in schools budgets. This is particularly important in H&F where we are facing the fourth largest cuts in the country.

    Every one of the 47 schools in the borough is facing a cut of at least 10% and in some cases up to 25%. These are the first cuts to mainstream education for a generation, and show the true face of the Tories in government.