• Sadiq launches Hammersmith campaign

    London Mayor Sadiq Khan joined me and several hundred local residents to launch the Election campaign in Hammersmith this weekend.

  • Labour promise to stop hospital closures

    Labour promise to stop hospital closures

    Wednesday's announcement by Labour's Shadow Health Secretary, Jonathan Ashworth, to immediately halt the Conservatives’ programme of A&E and hospital bed closures, is excellent news, especially for us in Hammersmith & Fulham. 

    For five years Charing Cross has been under threat of demolition. These plans, which have been delayed but have not changed, would mean the loss of over 300 beds, the A&E and all consultant emergency services from the site.

    This is the number one issue for residents – and for me. I am delighted to have confirmation that a Labour Government will on day one cancel these insane plans. If however, the Conservatives are re-elected, the battle to save Charing Cross will continue. 

    And Hammersmith will need an independent-minded, campaigning MP – not another Tory who puts their Party and career before our interests.

    It is a straightforward choice between the Conservatives and me this time – no other Party got more than 5% of the vote in Hammersmith in 2015.

    So if you can, give me your support by donating to my campaign or let me know the issues that matter most to you

    Schools will be protected

    In another pre-manifesto announcement, Labour has pledged to reverse the cuts in schools budgets. This is particularly important in H&F where we are facing the fourth largest cuts in the country.

    Every one of the 47 schools in the borough is facing a cut of at least 10% and in some cases up to 25%. These are the first cuts to mainstream education for a generation, and show the true face of the Tories in government. 

  • Election Bulletin

    Election issues are already clear

    One week into the General Election campaign, and with six more to go, the issues are already becoming clear – at least in Hammersmith.

    Of course they may change, but seven days of pounding the streets (actually quite a few years) has given me valuable insight into what residents here think this Election should be about.

    Before giving you my thoughts, however, please tell me what is the most important issue to you by clicking HERE.

    And if you have already decided to support me, please think about helping in the campaign (just reply to this email) or making a donation HERE.

  • What this Election is about

    Yesterday I voted for an early Election and I am already enjoying the campaign, even if it is going to be a pretty gruelling seven weeks.

    I have been re-selected as the Labour candidate for Hammersmith and cleared my diary so I can spend every day out talking and listening to people in Shepherds Bush, Hammersmith and Fulham.

  • Keep Shepherds Bush and Hammersmith together

    The Government has instructed the Boundary Commission to reduce the number and change the boundaries of Parliamentary seats.

    For our area, the Commission have proposed that Shepherds Bush is split from Hammersmith and paired with Ealing or Brent.

  • Important consultations on the future of Hammersmith's seat in Parliament, school funding and Heathrow

    This is one of my interactive newsletters – where I try to persuade you to respond to one, two or even three public consultations, which are important for our community here in Hammersmith and Shepherds Bush, and places far beyond.

  • Government response to petition on recalling dangerous tumble dryers is inadequate and misleading

    Today, the Government published its response to my petition calling for a recall of the several million tumble dryers manufactured by Whirlpool companies, including Hotpoint and Indesit, which are liable to catch fire. It is wholly inadequate and makes it more urgent that the petition gains another 40,000 signatures to take it to the 100,000 that ensures a full Parliamentary debate.

  • Hammersmith leads fight for refugee children

    Last week, with the Brexit Bill dominating political headlines, the Government saw a chance to break their promise to welcome 3000 child refugees into Britain. 

  • Outrageous closure of Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court confirmed

    Predictably the Government has ignored its own consultation exercise and decided to go ahead with the closure of Hammersmith Magistrates’ Court – despite the fact that over 90% of respondents were against the closure. 

  • Brexit, Trump and other disasters

    I am a passionate pro-European, who worked hard for the Remain campaign last summer and still believe our prosperity, security, culture and values are strengthened by close relations with the rest of Europe, including through membership of the EU.