• Third runway gets go-ahead

    Despite David Cameron’s promise (‘no ifs, no buts, no 3rd runway’) and her own opposition to Heathrow expansion, Theresa May today gave a provisional go-ahead for a 3rd runway to be built at Heathrow.

  • Turbulent Times in the Bush

    Summer got off to a good start locally with victory for Shepherds Bush Market in their five-year legal battle with developers Orion.  The compulsory purchase order for the Market, cooked up between the developer and the previous Tory council to build luxury high-rise flats on the site, was finally quashed by no less a person than the Lord Chief Justice.

  • Brexit Blues

    A month on and it doesn’t look any better.

    The UK economy is heading down again after the deepest recession and slowest recovery on record.  There is an irony here.  Cameron tried to pin responsibility for the global recession of 2008 on the then Labour Government, which in retrospect can be seen as the fault of banks, markets and governments around the world over many years.  Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling stuck around to mitigate the worst effects of that.

  • Can Jo Cox's legacy be a kinder politics?

    Beyond the terrible sadness of a young mother brutally murdered while simply doing her job by trying to help those she was elected to serve, there is a determination both to continue her humanitarian work and to improve the tone of political debate that provided such a harsh background to her death.

  • Remain refrain

    We all have our favourite low point of the Leave/Remain campaigns so far.  These can range from the trivial, like Remain leaving the Gs off its adverts to look down with the kids, to the dishonest, like Leave doubling the amount the UK pays for EU membership and painting the false figures on the side of its bus.

  • Our local Law Centre needs your help - so do our local hospitals

    You may want to avoid central London on Monday afternoon.  There will be several thousand lawyers taking to the streets.  Not this time to protest about the cuts to Legal Aid that have deprived millions on low incomes of advice and representation, but to raise some money to make up the shortfall on the London Legal Walk.

  • Why it's got to be Mayor Khan

    I confess that I am biased when it comes to deciding who to vote for as London Mayor on Thursday.  

    Well, you would expect me to vote for the Labour candidate.  But I will also be voting for someone who is a colleague, a friend and a thoroughly decent person.

    Most of all I will be voting for Sadiq Khan because he will make a difference on the issues I think matter to London –and in particular to our bit of west London.

  • Defeat for developers in battle for Shepherds Bush Market

    Two weeks ago after attending the Shepherd Bush Market traders’ appeal to the Lord Chief Justice to stop destruction of the 100 year-old Market, I warned it might be months before we had a full judgment.  I was wrong.  The Court of Appeal was able to give a robust decision in the Market’s favour only a few days later.

  • A Mayor for all Londoners

    Labour Candidate for London Mayor Sadiq Khan has been a frequent visitor to West London in the past few weeks.  Last Friday he was playing  5-a-side at Phoenix High School as part of the QPR in the community trust work with kids in White City.  The day before he was speaking to a packed meeting of trade union members at Hammersmith Town Hall and a week before was supporting Save our Hospital campaigners at Charing Cross and touring Shepherds Bush Market.

  • Health of the Nation

    On Thursday evening I joined a spontaneous demonstration by junior doctors outside the Department of Health.  Hundreds of London medics, including many from Charing Cross and Hammersmith, were expressing their outrage not just at Jeremy Hunt’s decision to impose a new and unsafe contract on them but of his calculated attempts to undermine their profession and the NHS.