• Andy backs campaign for sight loss support

    Hammersmith MP Andy Slaughter is backing a campaign by sight loss charity RNIB to ensure that everyone diagnosed with sight loss receives practical and emotional support to come to terms with their diagnosis.

  • War in Syria

    After much reflection and research, and after listening to the views of many people, including constituents, fellow MPs and the Government, I have decided that I cannot support British military action in Syria at present, and tomorrow I will vote against the motion in the House of Commons that sanctions it.

  • United in the face of terror

    From the display of unity at the England v France game to the Tricolore flying at half-mast beside the Union Flag on Hammersmith Town Hall, this week was a time for expressions – great and small – of our solidarity with the people of France.

  • Latest newsletter - Junior Doctors deserve our support

    Junior doctors are the backbone of the NHS.  The term is somewhat misleading as a ‘junior’ means anyone not a consultant and some are in their 30s and 40s with families and mortgages; yet their basic pay is £22,000.

    They already work 24/7 to provide emergency cover, but Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt wants routine medical services provided at evenings and weekends, and the only way he can afford this is by paying junior doctors the same rates for unsocial as for normal working hours.

    If he gets his way some junior doctors would see their pay fall by 26%.  And yes this is after the ‘11% pay increase’ he told the media but not the doctors themselves about this week.

  • The Missing Million

    The Labour Party have launched a national campaign themed around the Missing Million and the changes to electoral registration.

  • Stop the Tory tax credit cut!

    Join the campaign to stop the tax credits cut

  • No Third Runway rally - 10/10/15

    No Third Runway rally in Parliament Square

  • Consultation Response - Proposals to close Hammersmith County Court

    Andy Slaughter MP's response to the proposed closure of Hammersmith County Court (formerly West London County Court) - 08/10/15

  • Andy backs Guide Dogs campaign

    Andy Slaughter MP took on the challenge of cleaning up the streets at the Labour Party Conference this week, when the charity Guide Dogs offered him the chance to learn more about the daily difficulties faced by people living with sight loss.

  • Andy backs London Air Ambulance campaign for 2nd Helicopter

    Andy Slaughter MP backs London Air Ambulance's final push for 2nd helicopter.