Double betrayal for meso sufferers

Shadow Justice Minister Andy Slaughter responding to the latest High Court ruling against Lord Chancellor Chris Graying, said: 

“Mesothelioma is a horrific industrial disease. Its victims deserve better than the shameful way this Government has treated them. Instead of honouring their commitments, David Cameron and Chris Grayling have wasted thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money on expensive lawyers to dodge justice.”

“Hardly a week goes by without the High Court finding the Lord Chancellor has acted unlawfully in driving through cuts in legal services for the most vulnerable groups in society.  First the residence test, then restricting legal aid for domestic violence victims and now cutting compensation for mesothelioma sufferers have been successfully challenged.  This is worse than incompetence it is an attack on basic principles of fairness in our legal system and the rule of law


“Reneging on a promise to help victims of mesothelioma is a new low.  The Government undertook to Parliament to review the way mesothelioma cases are funded, in order to get its anti-Legal Aid legislation through following a series of defeats in the House of Lords.  Not only has Grayling broken that promise, the High Court has found, but he has done so as part of a squalid deal with his friends in the insurance industry. This heaps further embarrassment on an already beleaguered Lord Chancellor.”


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Andy Slaughter posted about Double betrayal for meso sufferers on Andy Slaughter's Facebook page 2014-10-02 15:44:08 +0100
Grayling deal with insurers to shaft mesothelioma sufferers and break a promise to Parliament found unlawful. Does it get worse than this?