Save Shepherds Bush Market

The shopkeepers and small traders at Shepherds Bush Market need your help.

The 100 year-old market, and the neighbouring housing plots, first came under threat when the then-Conservative council in Hammersmith & Fulham authorised a Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO) on the businesses and traders that refused to sell up to a property developer called Orion. This means that they will lose their stalls even if they don't want to go.

Earlier this year they thought they had been saved as an independent Planning Inspectorate found in their favour, deciding that the market should be saved.

Those hopes have seemingly been squashed by the Tory Planning Minister Brandon Lewis MP who overruled the Inspector, effectively green-lighting the demolition of the market.

I hoped we had seen an end to the bias in favour of developers and away from residents and small business when the Tories lost control of the Council in May but now we have the Government stepping in to tip the scales. The traders have been badly let down by this out of touch government.

Do you agree?

If so, you can join the campaign to save the market by signing my petition which urges the planning minister to listen to locals, protect small business and to U-turn on his damaging decision. 

Please sign and share this petition on social media using the hashtag #SaveShepherdsBushMarket


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Stand your ground
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Sign the petition: Save Shepherds Bush Market
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I have used Shepherds Bush Market for 30 years. Markets like this make London unique and should be allowed to evolve organically without corporate intervention which serves only the interests of non-locals.
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What’s happening to this wonderful and unique market is devastating!
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