Tory betrayal on Charing Cross Hospital goes straight to the top

The Conservative Party have serious and grave questions to answer over their reckless and irresponsible plans to shake-up West London’s A&E departments.

Jeremy Hunt’s behaviour over Charing Cross and Hammersmith Hospitals has been absolutely disgraceful. I would like to know why he is afraid to discuss the closure of Hammersmith A&E. Is it because he knows that this closure will be a serious blow to local residents who now face longer journey times to hospitals like St Mary’s, which is already at maximum capacity. He explicitly promised that this would not be the case.

He repeats the lie that the new Charing Cross will have a full A&E service. He knows full well that Charing Cross’s A&E department is set to be replaced by a Minor Injuries Unit with no “blue light” service and no Intensive Care Unit. At least 400 acute beds will be lost. The UK’s leading stroke unit will go.

I raised this with him earlier today in the Commons but he had no substantive response other than to simply parrot the discredited lines that the local Conservative Party trot out in Hammersmith & Fulham. 

David Cameron also has to answer serious questions as well. He came to Hammersmith in the week before the local elections and made several contentious or outright misleading statements about local A&E services. The extent of the Tory Party’s complete betrayal of West London goes right to the top. I raised all this in a letter to him last month but he has yet to respond.

So the three questions that Jeremy Hunt must answer to justify his attack on me?

1)      Why is he reluctant to debate the future of Hammersmith Hospital?

2)      Why did David Cameron come to Hammersmith and mislead the public over Charing Cross?

3)      Does he think a local hospital with GP-led services can be passed off as a full A&E emergency department?

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commented 2014-06-13 11:17:04 +0100 · Flag
Tories are heartless. God is a pound note to them.
Q: now that the borough is in Labour control, why can nothing be done to stop them? What is the point of winning seats if it does nothing to stop these bloodsuckers? (‘I was tempted to call them ’animals’ then but animals don’t kill for sport…)
And Andy, no disrespect but we need to get away from utterances like “mistruth” It’s not even a word. It’s lies. Simple. And the media’s notion that that implies deliberate intent to hide something is no different when we are being “misled..” The result is the same – it’s not telling the truth and that’s not why we employ MPs. Charing Cross is my local hospital and I can only hope that nobody dies as a result of stinking Tories play politics about with our lives.
commented 2014-06-12 22:14:38 +0100 · Flag

Amazingly there was no discussion of this imminent major change at the public Board meeting of Imperial College Healthcare Trust held on 29th May and which I attended with Andy!! It was a public “stitch-up”! There was however a paper which accompanied the agenda. The paper listed four options, including one: “do nothing”, two versions of pulling down the existing hospital and building a smaller hospital and building more on the St Mary’s site, and a final option: keep the existing building but change its use. Obviously we prefer this as the “least bad option” which at least keeps the building (which would then have to apply to the Council for change of use, which might be refused). Reading the wishy-washy “management speak”, it is clear to me that Imperial are still sitting on the fence, hoping to be relieved of the obligation to reduce their activities on the Charing Cross site.
commented 2014-06-11 02:58:14 +0100 · Flag
You are fighting a losing battle Andy. Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust executives want to implement the changes proposed by the good people who brought you “Shaping a Healthier Future”.
The new CEO Tracey Batten has been touring the Trust telling everyone the that SaHF proposals should be implemented if and when Imperial gains foundation status.